Friday, January 25, 2013

C is for Cookie

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Yes, I sing that in my head over and over again to the tune of "Ta Ra Ra Boom De-Ay" all the time, this time of year.  I think that helps me save my sanity.  Maybe it asserts my insanity.  Hmm...

For the past few weeks, I've been wearing my Girl Scout Mom/Troop Leader hat underneath (or alongside) my Crafty Insomniac hat.  I've seen it done.  Spongebob Squarepants wore two Krusty Krab hats side-by-side at the same time before!  I've been helping Miss Sassypants sell her cookies to family and friends since sales started on January 4th.  Well, as of last night initial sales ended and we entered our troop's orders into the system.  Now we wait.  

On February 13th, the second phase of the Cookie Madness begins:  Cookie Delivery.  We'll line up at the armory, awaiting our turn to load up our SUVs and minivans with cases and cases of cookies...  hundreds of them!  Our troop's will make a temporary stop in my garage, where we will sort them out by girl; and the order (nay, DEMAND) goes out to troop parents that they are picked up that very evening!  Number One, I don't want all of these cookies in my home, and Number Two, I do not want to deal with Mr. Sunshine when he comes home from work to a garage filled with cookies and he is unable to park out of the elements.  No-Thank-You!

The 14th...  Valentine's Day.  I'll be spending it in a cold garage, sorting out Sassy's orders for her customers.  It's worth it to get them out of my house and delivered ASAP, because two days later...

COOKIE BOOTHS BEGIN!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Every weekend for five weeks, standing (mostly) outside of stores, trying to corral my Brownies and Juniors, setting up our jazzy cookie table and peddling our wares.  It's tons of fun...

Why do I do it?  Well, Sass sets a high goal for herself every year.  Girl Scouts offers some pretty awesome incentives for their high sellers.  Two years ago it was an iPod Touch - she earned it (at age six).  Last year it was a $150 American Girl gift card - she earned it.  This year...  this year it's a Nook.  And she really wants it!  Honestly...  she puts in the work!  Oh, and then there's that one other thing.  I love that girl!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

How can a person who has no "job" be so darn busy??  Seriously!  I barely have time to think these days.  I used to (sort of) joke when I was working that I didn't have time to be at the office, and now I realize that it's a true fact.  I'm up before 7:00 to get myself and Miss Sassypants ready for the day, get her on the bus for school, and then my day begins.  Usually a little housework, and then "the shop" opens.  (I signify this by opening the blinds to the window in front of my work desk.)  I work on orders from about 8:00 until 11:00 (and text back and forth with my great friend Kelly; showing her my work and getting her opinion), then it's time to start lunch for the husband.  He works the 3-11 shift, so we eat an early lunch, which is more like a dinner, and then it's usually back to the shop.

After he leaves, I either have errands to run or more work around the house to do, then by 2:45, Sassy is home from school.  We do homework, and then it's either an after-school activity (Religious Education, Girl Scouts, etc.) or a trip to the store, or sometimes even, an afternoon at home!  Then dinner, getting her in the shower, bedtime routine, finishing up around the house, and then if I'm lucky, maybe by 9:00, ME TIME!

And this goes on for days.  Now, is Husband has a day off, we run, run, run.  (He has rotating days off with his job.)  But at least then, I usually don't have to make lunch.  Woot!  And strangely, I usually get to bed earlier on the days he has off...

But for these very reasons, there are certain "projects" that don't get done in a timely fashion around here.  Case in point, the icicle lights.  Yes, we took them down the week of New Year's, as not to offend the neighborhood, but they've been lined up along the inside of the garage ever since.  Now, being the anal-retentive person that I am, I can't just throw them in a tote and call it a day.  No, no!  I have to gather them up, Velcro-tie the icicles together, and THEN throw them in a tote.  Well, I managed to step on a bulb Thursday with the heel of my shoe, so that prompted me to get them the hell out of my garage!  As of this moment, they are DONE!  Now, there's the matter of the new TV stand...  it was delivered from on Wednesday, and the box is still unopened...  Oh, well.  Scarlett O'Hara said it best:  Tomorrow is another day!

But in the mean time, look at the precious creations that have been happening over here at The Crafty Insomniac...

This is my new line of Disney-inspired paper dolls.  
They were first requested by a certain customer, but they are proving to be quite popular!
 Alice in Wonderland


 Sofia the First



My good friend has recently taken up kayaking, and wanted something to put on a Mason jar to act as her "Kayak Fund" jar.  
She requested a purple and pink ninja duck in a canoe.  
I was more than happy to deliver...

And look at these adorable birthday invitations for a gumball-themed party!