Saturday, April 5, 2014

And Now We Bring You... The Storm

So here we are - three weeks later.  The tote is still stocked and I never leave home without it.  The vests are still green, although one is MIA.  We've added cookie costumes to our repertoire, fresh from Etsy, and we still have two girls who are each about 500 boxes away from their goals.  Cue the nervous breakdown.

Go ahead and say it...  But you volunteered for this gig - you basically ask for it every year!  Can it.  I've heard it all before, people!  This year has been really tough for cookie sales for the girls.  Pre-sales were going on when the weather in our area was bitterly cold, so it was really hard for anyone to go out and sell cookies door-to-door.  Then there's the issue of The Powers That Be pushing the sale back a month later than usual, making booths start after Presidents' Weekend when all of the shoppers are out frivoisly spending their tax returns.  And let's not forget this fledgling economy.  Or the increase in the cost of a box of cookies this year.

I still haven't colored my hair.  Those three grays stare at me and mock me in the mirror every morning.  How can there not be more than three??

Then Tuesday we received an e-mail.  Cookie sales will be extended by one week.  Seriously?  Are you screwing with me right now?  Is this a sick joke?  Am I being Punkd?  As much as I was prepared to share in the girls' disappointment in not reaching their lofty goals of 1250 boxes each (an iPad Mini is at stake here, people!!), I was also chilling a bottle of Glenora in my refrigerator to celebrate making it through another season with my sanity and dignity intact. Funny how life throws you curveballs.  Now we've got another seven glorious days to deal with not only our cookies and other regular activities, but also a new sport, softball, and all of its ridiculous practice schedule.  The only saving Grace is the fact that A - it's seven days; B - I can follow a calendar; and C - wine improves as it ages.

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